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  • ♠♠ Sexy Angel ♠♠ #28 Selva Desings – Loux
    Soy consciente del privilegio y milagro de la vida. 
    Tengo el coraje de ser y sentirme libre para elegir mis caminos, vencer mis miedos y temores y asumir las consecuencias de mis actos.
    Tengo alegría para reír, hacer y recorrer mi camino de felicidad, para sentir la energía de estar vivo, plena e intensamente. Nadie puede lastimarme a menos que yo lo permita.
    Vivo, disfruto mi presente, teniendo plena conciencia de que es lo único que tengo. Recuerdo el pasado, deseo un buen futuro, en la plena consciencia de que no vivo ahí. 
    Acepto mis errores, mis caídas y libero la carga para hacer más liviano mi camino. Agradezco cada instante, cada sonrisa, cada lágrima, cada amigo, enemigo, que contribuye a enriquecerme.
    Yo Soy.
    - Autor desconocido ***********************************************************************************************
    I am aware of the privilege and miracle of life.
    I have the courage to be and to feel free to choose my ways, to overcome my fears and accept the consequences of my actions.
    I cheer for laughing, and go my way of happiness, to feel the energy of being alive, fully and intensely. No one can hurt me unless I allow.
    I Live, enjoy my present, with full awareness that is all I have. Remember the past, I wish a good future in the full awareness that I do not live there.
    I accept my mistakes, my falls and release the burden lighter for my path. I appreciate every moment, every smile, every tear, every friend, enemy, helping to enrich.
    I Am.
    - Unknown author
    Tough love secret outfit. (all incluied) ONLY 50L
    LOUX Skin Livla
    package per skin tone contains:
    - 4 different Lipsticks
    - The Mesh Project face appliers
    - Natural cleav. on skin (M)
    - Small cleav. on skin (great for teen) (S)
    - Push up cleav. on skin (XL)
    - 9 eyebrows on tattoo layer (the skin is browless)
    - 9 Eyebrow appliers for the mesh project head
    -Appliers hud in all tones.
      * Slink hands appliers
      * Slink feet appliers
      * Slink Mesh Physique appliers
      *The mesh project body appliers
      *The mesh project face appliers
      *Lolas tango/Lush appliers
      *Phat azz/ cute Azz appliers
      * Omega Hud (one applier that serves for several mesh parts and mesh bodies, you just have to acquire the proper script) Available in LOUX STORE
  • ♠♠ My Moon ♠♠ #27 Virtual Diva – Gown Chic
    Intensas mañanas de frío me recuerdan que mi corazón está bailando tiene fe, que allí adelante le espera momentos de intenso vivir aunque no sean ahora, tengo paciencia. 
    Me conmueve el cobijo de la luna por las mañanas santiaguinas de invierno, despertar sin más propósito que caminar haciendo el camino.
    Tengo la mágica suerte de tener pasión y corazón entrelazados, de cantar por los días que soy inmensamente agradecida, de cada día sentarme y dejarme invadir por la calidez de algún abrazo que todo lo llena, que me junta de nuevo, de tener un pecho materno a donde regresar cada vez que siento que todas mis puertas se me cierran, ya que cada vez que acudo a él, todas mis puertas instantáneamente se abren.
    Tengo suerte de cultivar ser paciente en la locura vertiginosa de la vida, de soltar aquello que se va o quiere irse... teniendo fe que estos planos de la vida son sabios entre sí y que no hay camino errado, que todos mis caminos son esos que necesito (...)Elizabeth Natalia Bullon
    Intense cold mornings remind me that my heart is dancing he has faith that thenceforward expect to live moments of intense although not now, I have patience.
    I am moved by the shelter of the moon by the Santiago winter mornings, wake up no purpose to walk by the way.
    I am lucky to have magical intertwined passion and heart, to sing for the days that I am immensely grateful every day to sit and let me invade by the warmth of an embrace that fills all, I together again, to have a mother's breast to come back whenever I feel that all my doors are shut me because every time I go to him, all my doors open instantly.
    I'm lucky to cultivate patience in the dizzying madness of life, releasing what is going or wants to go ... he has faith that these planes of life are wise to each other and there is no wrong way, all my ways I need those.(...)
    Elizabeth Natalia Bullon (retorno de las diosas)
    Angels Kristan has created a beautiful  "Chic"  new exclusive desing for
    Avalilable in 8 diferent Version.
    Visit UMBRAL: a Magic Place ♥

    ********************ADDY AND ROMANCE HAIR********************

    Special Edition Pack 12 Tones for only 300L!.
  • VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE – Special Edition – kARDASHIAN / VICTORIA – Short Hair
    ********************KARDASHIAN AND VICTORIA HAIR********************
    Special Edition Pack 12 Tones for only 300L!.
  • VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE – Chic Gown Couture

    Angels Kristan has created a beautiful  "Chic"  new exclusive desing for 
    Avalilable in 8 diferent Version.

    not only Sexy..... don't miss it! for E-body, Belleza and EVE too.
  • TASHI New releases and Flash Sales

    Today I have a lot of news to share! of 2 them very dear to my heart

    The Lexi Project

    The Lexi Project, a collaborative fund-raiser event, created to bring Second Life brands together in hopes to raise money for one of our own, Lexi Zelin / Owner of AngelRed Couture. Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills / expenses as she is unable to work. The Lexi Project has grown to approximately 350 supporting brands, Each brand participating will have a minimum of 1-2 new items, 100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to an event account, opened by Lexi Zelin.

    We are releasing 3 items and they are

    1.- TASHI Lexi Dress is a mesh dress that comes in 5 sizes and a unique color

    TASHI Lexi Dress

    2.- TASHI Felicity Lexi is a pair of shoes in a beautiful shade of purple

    TASHI Felicity Lexi

    3.- TASHI Lexi is a nail polish set for SLink, Belleza and Omega

    TASHI Lexi

    The SLURL to go to the Lexi Project is

    The Bandana Day

    Today is the last day of Hair Fair 2015, and as tradition dictates it is the day that we remove our hair to show we care. To support Bandana Day and Wigs for Kids, we have booths in every sim at Hair Fair selling for 50L the Bandanas created by Second Life Residents from all over SL.

    For this we release the TASHI Esperanza that will be only at the hair fair it will never be sold on our store so do not miss the opportunity to get one

    TASHI Esperanza

    the SLURL is

    AIM Going To The Beach

    Yesterday we had the opportunity to be part of the Fashion Show organized by AIM and for that reason we release an exclusive item that is available until August 1st at their location


    TASHI Amelie is a swimsuit that comes with a HUD to change the texture of the top and bottom

    TASHI Amelie

    THE SLURL to go AIM Going To The Beach is

    FASHIONTROPIC Raffle and Flash Sale

    Today we have all our items 50% off so if you wanted to go now is the time to do it, this is a flash sale so it will last only 24 hours and also feel free to join our raffle where you participate for may prices from several designers!



    Happy shopping
    Shinya Tandino

    Main Store 􀀉

    Marketplace store:


    Flickr group:


    Facebook Page:




  • Going to the beach shopping – dot-be fashion items at low price
    AIM agency - Going to the beach shopping event until 1 august !!
    Find your items ... male and female !!

    Dot-be Fashion items are priced down !! 

  • Chic Gown
    Sneak Peak Round July starts 25
    Chic Gown Exclusive from Virtual Diva
    Avalilable in 5 diferent Versions.
  • Lexi Project
    Exclusive sexy minidress with back necklace in white and gold.
    Event opens July 25 at midnight SLT
    This is an event organized by Lexi Zelin, Owner of AngelRED Couture, 
    who is going  through something serious right now in her real life, 
    and over 300 designers have rallied to help her fund raise called