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  • Xmas Gacha


     .::LUNA::. Body Art have this adorable Set for Xmas

    with 1 Rare


    Your Limo

  • Black Friday Sale at PurpleMoon Creations
    NOVEMBER 28-29-30, 2014
    And guess what?
    You can use those giftcards to shop ANYTHING in the store...
    You could give them away to your friends...
    or maybe stock up as Christmas Gifts!

    Keep in mind:
    All Giftcards CANNOT be resent (Please ACCEPT IT when it delivers your purchase)
    If you are buying them to give to friends, DON'T REZZ them, just pass them along
    Outlet products are EXCLUDED from the use of giftcards
    Sale ends November 30th, 2014 Midnight SLT

    Poulet Koenkamp & PurpleMoon Team
  • Group Gift @ PurpleMoon!
    Thank you to all of you gorgeous ladies! I hope you enjoy our little gift.
    Come and grab yours!
  • Coordinated Release PurpleMoon-Lazuri

    PROMO 50% OFF - NOV. 19 - 27, 2014
    On PurpleMoon's end there has been this long time awaited gown, "Emma". It is being released today in 7 beautiful shades. This timeless gown features detailed draping to the side on the bodice, topped with a delicate bouquet of flowers on the shoulder and waist. A mesmerizing skirt can be added or the mesh gown can be worn by itself.
    On Lazuri's side, Zuri has created some jewelry pieces to match this gown to perfection. Her classic set "Heritage" can now be found in 6 Special Edition color combinations. They all include 6 Metal Options and the Standard menu for brightness, glow and resize.
    The best part of this release is that it gets to you 50% OFF for a limited time! (no membership required)
    We sincerely hope you enjoy these creations,
    Poulet and Zuri

  • Halloween sale and Xmas new items !

    These halloween items are still available for only 1L$ !!

    For X-mas season keep an eye out because here they come ... 
    more in store ofcourse !!

    Don't forget to visit the new mainstore and be amazed by the new collection !

    To the new mainstore 
  • PurpleMoon & Lazuri Halloween Limited Editions and Specials
    Note: Click on the above pictures for Marketplace links.

    They can be found in two inworld locations and the Marketplace.
    Main Store:
    Alternative Location:
    All items marked as LIMITED EDITIONS will never be sold again after November 1st, 2014

  • Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt

    Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt - A Halloween Event at PurpleMoon
    October 23rd to October 31st, 2014 11:59 PM SLT

    The story tells that PurpleMoon was built in a sim where many. many years ago there used to be a cemetery. Recently, Poulet has been terraforming to make some room for the new Lazuri store. It seems that she must have "disturbed" the area because yesterday something very strange happened.
    Sand and water start to shake. They slide and crash making unbelievable storm like sounds. A couple of trees came down, a bridge broke, the waters open up.... and right there, in front of our eyes, this old cemetery was emerging from the bottom of the sea!
    Dark and creepy, bones everywhere! Spiderwebs all over! (yes they exist under the water too) All the spooky creepy stuff you can imagine is there!
    We have been told that it even hides a dungeon with a secret entrance and that some treasures were spread all over the place!
    None of us would dare to go inside to explore... would you?

    1- This hunt is ONLY FOR GROUP MEMBERS, yes ladies, you deserve it! So wear those tags before start hunting.
    2- The object you are looking for is a basket like the one in the poster.
    3- To receive the gift, simple touch the basket. You will be given a folder containing the prize ready to wear.
    4- The baskets are numbered from 1 to 20. 19 prizes are shown in the poster the #20 is a mystery item, not shown!
    5- There are no hints given. They are easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else.
    6- ALL baskets are hidden at the CEMETERY and the secret DUNGEON underneath (You must find the secret entrance to access)
    7- It is MANDATORY to HAVE FUN and GET SCARED! and remember to activate your VIP tags!
    Poulet Koenkamp and PurpleMoon Team
    with collaboration of Lazuri
  • PurpleMoon Halloween Group Gift!

    We are getting started on the Halloween events with this new group gift that I hope you find spooky and elegant at the same time. Enjoy!
  • PurpleMoon at the Vintage & Cool Fair

    PurpleMoon at the Vintage & Cool Fair (Oct 10-24, 2014)
    The fair has started and brings you the most beautiful items for the vintage lovers fashionistas.
    Our exclusive release for this fair is Maureen. A very classy 50's inspired dress featuring satin fabric, flared skirt. and boat style neckline.
  • Adele at the Gypset Market

    A business suit in a striking furious red for the strong and powerful YOU!