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    Urban look with the Philippe pants now on sale for only 55L, boxer and belt that is controlable with a hud !

    Females 55L
    The linde dress comes straight from the rl designers and the orange colour is just vibrant and will give you that look that everyone likes

    Males 60L : You always wanted to be different and wear some classy pants? The draco Zipped pants are now on sale !! 4 pants styles woot woot for only 60L

    Females 60L
    Jumpsuits are hot, last fashionshows in reallife showed that it is a must to have in your closet. This weekend on sale the Jumpsuit azoury pink !
  • SALES & WEEKEND NEW 27 APRIL New Male Outfits :
    Mourice FULL outfit : Created for the event Ny Ny, Mourice is for that special guy out there. A fantastic blazer (5styles) and 21 shirtstyles and an option to hide the shirt so they can see your abs. Together with the great jeans that comes with it that is changeable with a hud this is the outfit just for you !

     Ever wanted a jeans with boxer thats is open? This outfit comes with 8 pant styles, 6 boxer styles and you get 15 shirt styles with it. What are u waiting for? The Kael outfit is wow !
    Lazarro outfit : suit with shirt + tie, open shirt, no shirt, bowtie and comes with 11 different styles pants, 23 shirt styles, 14 blazerstyles, 14 open shirt options and 12 tie options. So completly wow !!

    Now at MensWear Fashionweek 2014 :

    The new ella dresses that are in store right now are based on the rl designer Kenzo. The dresses will accent your curfs and bring you a new catchy look. Now in the mainstore and 2 satelite stores.

    - At BLVD sim
    - At Dance Island
    - At Magic of Trance
    - At KV Dream Fashion Agency
    - AT the mainstore
  • The Hunt That’s Special Many things happen and they happen for a reason.Like the design of this photo. I chose to make it full of darks, lights and shadows. Why? Because it's a reflection, a reflection of what I hold deep inside every day. It's a mixture of good things as well as bad things. The one thing you can't see is the chains around a broken heart....Yes, these chains are in attempt to mend my broken heart, however there is only on true way do do that. Each element in this picture holds a significance as to it's placement within the photo. Such as the roses for instance. The roses represent how delicate ones heart is and by withering that shows just how easily it is for the heart to break. Th hair is in a romantic upwards sweep with delicately curled tresses falling along the ear lobes and neckline, it's suggestive. The Necklace, Earrings and Anklet are a gift from someone that is very special to me in Real Life. The posture of the pose is settled yet in thoughtful. My Eyes of blue are right and fulfilled yep searching for the missing puzzle piece. The stance represents a stand oafishness which is forgiving and wanting to surrender. The hidden arm is just waiting to reach out there to touch the very same person whose touched my heart. Understanding this metaphor isn't as easy as thought, you are likely not going to understand it unless it's your heart that's touched my heart and this unlocks a meaning to you. It's meant for only one person but will be viewed by many. The one person whom I speak of is so jaded they believe loving someone involves being hurt or hurting another just to prove there is something there. I'm not perfect, I never claimed to be, I don't really want to be...Would be mega boring really. Then again no one is perfect unless you see it as I do...We're all perfectly imperfect...Just the way God intended for us to be.

    Outfit: Dot-be AzraTRHP
    Shoes: N-core 21ShoeEvent- Cuore Special Edition (Black&White)
    Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Manon"(Moon stone)
    Slink Product(s): ! Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant !
    Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ red chinaFairy  ](TDRF)
    Eyes: pc eyes - classic gen4 - m/r - calm sea
    Jewelry: (SS) Chrysalis Amethyst Set [Boxed] (Gift from someone very special to me)
  • Walking In The Rain One warm, misty and rainy morning I set out for a walk when a little further on in my journey the clouds started to roll up, the fog thickening there was a storm brewing in the back of them clouds.
    I was only a few blocks from our home when it occurred to me, walking in a spring rain might be refreshing to me, as long as it was a gentle rain. My mind began to wander, what if it's a horrible storm and not a gentle rain? I started to head towards home, hoping to beat the rain.With a loud crack of thunder the rains began to come, fast and furiously. There seemed to be no lightning with this rain so I figured I'd continue on homewards. In my mind I was playing over the night that Zeke and I spent together last night before he left this morning to head out for another business trip. I hated them, I hated him having to go out on business trips, only because the kids and I couldn't see him and well I missed my darling husband madly when he was away for more than a day. While in my dreamlike state replaying last night with a soft smile gracing my lips I was jilted out of my day dream by the sound of a car and a car horn honking to obtain my attention. I shook it off and looked to see what was the cause for the ruckus and when I did a huge smile took over my lips, for it was my honey Zeke trying to wake me from my dream list state to get me into the car to go home and get in some dry clothing. Once I stopped and got into the car he then said I was thinking I was going to have to get your attention kidnapping style as he leans over touches my cheek softly before kissing my lips passionately. I said I was in deep thought going over last night in my mind. Thinking how much I didn't want to let you go and that I'd rather be in your arms every waking moment of our lives. I brushed a swooping lock of his hair from his eyes before kissing him once more and telling him how much I love him. Once settled into the car he put the car into drive and started towards home as I snuggled against him.

    Outfit:Dot-be Abramo cropped shirt female(wear me) & Dot-be april gift 2014
    Added to outfit: FB - Blue Jean Shorts
    Shoes:*LP* Swift Sneakers
    Hair:W&Y 1 Prem Hair 01
    Skin:Zoul Creations - Cara - Tone 0 (Available at Skin Fair 2014)
    Eyes: pc eyes classic - Calm Sea
    Finger Nails: Bamboo Nails - Natural

    Hoy se realizó la última audición para participar en el Miss Mundo Virtual 2014 La Gala de la Belleza!

    Para la organización es un verdadero placer y un gran honor presentarles las candidatas oficiales de este año, ellas son:

    Miss Argentina Judelin Resident
    Miss Belice – Gisa Bayn
    Miss Bolivia – Yamila Parx
    Miss Brasil – Luana Barzane
    Miss Chile – Milena Inaka
    Miss Colombia – Sofiarossi Resident
    Miss Costa Rica – Jullie Daines
    Miss Cuba -Ariubile Resident
    Miss Ecuador – Angie Jupiter
    Miss El Salvador – Lis Darkfold
    Miss España – Nerea Chun
    Miss Guinea Ecuartorial – Africarithm Resident
    Miss Honduras – Yrwin Naglo
    Miss Italia – Lolaqueen Auster
    Miss México – Candela Giordano.
    Miss Panama – Nefertiti Resident
    Miss Paraguay – Rossazul Rousell
    Miss Perú – Irene105 Resident
    Miss Portugal – Cherokeeh Asteria
    Miss Puerto Rico – Willowwho Flowers
    Miss República Dominicana – Diconay Boa
    Miss Uruguay – QueenCleopatra0
    Miss Venezuela – Layka63 Resient


    Ponchituti Boucher
    MMV Organization – CEO

  • Cinzia Dresses and Gifts
    Hello Lovelies, here are some new releases in the store at Dot Be!
    First up is the gorgeous new Cinzia dress!
    The Cinzia dress will be released in March. 
    The Exclusive design will only be available at our satellite store @ KV Dream Fashion sim

    March group gift for Dot Be Members

    The Megastuff hunt starts on March 1st but the gifts are already in the store now. Here is a photo of the gift you can grab if you find the gift!

    And last but not least is a cool little texture change clutch!

  • Comunicado Oficial Primera Audición Miss Mundo Virtual 2014


    Muchisimas gracias a todas las aspirante que se presentaron el día de hoy a la primera audición de Miss Mundo Virtual 2014.

    Las aspirantes seleccionadas por los jueces y que se han convertido en candidtas oficiales son las siguientes:

    Miss Argentina Judelin Resident
    Miss Brasil – Luana Barzane
    Miss Colombia – Sofiarossi Resident
    Miss Costa Rica – Jullie Daines
    Miss Ecuador – Angie Jupiter
    Miss España – Nerea Chun
    Miss Guinea Ecuartorial – Africarithm Resident
    Miss Honduras – Yrwin Naglo
    Miss Italia – Lolaqueen Auster
    Miss México – Candela Giordano
    Miss Panama – Nefertiti Resident
    Miss Paraguay – Rosazul Roussel
    Miss Perú – Irene105 Resident
    Miss Portugal – Cherokeeh Asteria
    Miss Puerto Rico – Willowwho Flowers
    Miss Venezuela – Layka63 Resident

    A todas las candidatas oficiales BIENVENIDAS! FELICITACIONES! Y MUCHA SUERTE!

    Ponchituti Boucher
    Miss Mundo Virtual Organization CEO

  • Communicado

    La Organización Miss Mundo Virtual, se siente muy orgullosa de todas las chicas que han participado en todas sus ediciones.

    Por tal motivo y en vista de la cantidad de solicitudes que nos han llegado, donde muchas de ustedes nos han expresado su deseo de volver a participar, la Organización ha decidido flexibilizar su política de no participación de ex candidatas, permitiendo que todas aquellas candidatas de entregas anteriores que no hayan formado parte del grupo de las top 12, intentarlo de nuevo.

    Los argumentos que nos han manifestado para querer participar de nuevo son muy variados y van desde el deseo de superarse y probarse a sí mismas hasta las ganas de volver a vivir la experiencia, ahora con más madurez y conciencia de lo que el evento significa.

    Dicho esto, siéntanse libre de llenar su aplicación en la página web del concurso

    Bienvenidas nuevamente, se les quiere!



    Ponchituti Boucher

    Miss Mundo Virtual Organization – CEO

  • MOT NOTE: Only available for two (2) Months! There is a males version that isn't shown, so please take your man with you ladies! This is an exclusive outfit that can be found here: OutfitDot-be GIGI MOT outfitOutfit:Dot-be GIGI MOT outfit Shoes:Came with outfit Jewelry: [MANDALA]Milky Way Earring set, [MANDALA]MILKY WAY CHOKER/BLACK WIND & *P* Unisex Face Piercing K4 ~Colors~ Assed Accessories: `Lenolo`- Colorful Bandaids Hair:^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily Hair Skin:[Al Vulo! Skin] - [ elena ] - [ fatpack pale ] Eyes: pc eyes classic - cosmic dawn Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud - Casuals Set (5 awesome colors to choose from) one great HUD! Pose: GlamRus - Jessy 01 (.GlamRus. Jessy Poses)
  • Miss Mundo Virtual 2014

    Patrocinado por MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization

    La ganadora del Magno Evento de la Belleza Latina, representará a su país de origen en el MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015!

    La representación de la mujer hispana en SL ha crecido de manera importante en estos últimos tres años y más notoriamente en el mundo de la moda, siendo su mayor semillero el concurso Miss Mundo Virtual donde se escoge a la representante más hermosa y completa de la comunidad hispanoparlante en SL y donde nacen las mejores modelos de habla hispana de Second Life.
    Y una vez más el momento de iniciar la búsqueda de nuestra próxima Miss Mundo Virtual ha llegado…

    Miss Mundo Virtual se ha convertido en el concurso de belleza de habla hispana más importante de Second Life, prueba de ello, han sido las deslumbrantes participaciones de Shena Neox Miss Mundo Virtual 2011, quien se convirtiera en la segunda finalista de Miss Virtual World 2012 y la más reciente entrega de Miss Virtual World, donde nueve hermosísimas mujeres nos llenaron de orgullo: Lua Vendetta, Vanka Machiavello, Euridice Qork, Yashi Audion, Mila Blauvert, Precise Frimon, Dreamlove Resident, nuestra Miss Mundo Virtual 2013 Naarnisse Resident y Locuala Madruga, esta última alcanzado el segundo lugar de la competencia, todas ellas participantes de Miss Mundo Virtual.

    A partir del 10 de enero de 2014 se comenzó a recibir las fotos para la preselección de aquellas jóvenes que estarán caminando en la primera audición que se celebrará el sábado 25 de enero de 2014 a la 01:00 p.m. SLT

    Para todas aquellas jóvenes que quieran participar en el Miss Mundo Virtual 2014, les facilitamos los requisitos a continuación:

    1.- Entra en la página web del certamen:
    a.- Completa el formulario de inscripción.
    b.- Sube una foto de tu rostro en formato JPG (Mínimo 512 X 512 – Máximo 1024 X 1024). Ninguna foto con texto será aceptada, sin embargo, la firma del (la) Fotografo(a) está permitida.

    2.- Las pre candidatas serán contactadas vía notecard.

    3.- Las candidatas oficiales serán seleccionadas por un grupo de jueces durante las audiciones en vivo.
    La fecha tope para recepción de fotos para el primer casting es:
    12 de febrero de 2014 – 12:00 a.m.

    La fecha del primer casting es:
    15 de febrero de 2014 – 10:00 a.m. SLT

    El lugar donde se realizaran las audiciones será informado a las preseleccionadas vía Note Card.

    4- Si eres seleccionada para la audición deberás presentarte con un traje que impresione a los jueces. Serán evaluadas por sus poses, su desempeño en pasarela, su estilo y su apariencia en general… así que vengan preparadas para deslumbrar!

    5.- La candidata deberá ser hispano parlante… los conocimientos de inglés son un valor agregado, pero tu lengua materna debe ser el castellano!

    6.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual no debe haber participado en el concurso MVW ni en MMV en ninguna de sus emisiones.

    7.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá contar con más de seis (6) meses de antigüedad en Second Life y tener la edad verificada ante Linden Labs.

    8.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá como condición no negociable disponer del uso del voice de manera que pueda tanto escuchar como hablar, ya que las entrevistas serán por voz.

    9.- La candidata a Miss Mundo Virtual deberá ser del sexo femenino, tanto en RL como en SL.

    10.- La lista de candidatas será anunciada a través del grupo Miss Mundo Virtual, por lo que se les enviará invitación al grupo.

    11.- Los retoques de las fotografías con PhotoShop o programa similar están permitidas, pero trata de mantenerlos al mínimo para poder evaluar como luces realmente en SL, tal y como sucederá en la audición en vivo.

    12- La elección de MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL 2014 se llevara a cabo el 18 de Mayo de 2014 a las 10:00 a.m. SLT y la ganadora tendrá el privilegio de entrar a participar automáticamente en el concurso MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015, donde representará a su país de origen. Adicionalmente, tendrá una entrevista en The Best of Second Life Magazine y un premio en efectivo de 25.000 L.

    Qué estas esperando? Envíanos tus fotos y mucha suerte!!!
    Ponchituti Boucher
    CEO – Organización MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL


    Powered by MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization

    The winner of Magno Latin event of Beauty, will represent her country in MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015!

    The representation of Hispanic women in SL has grown significantly in the last three years and more notably in the fashion world and its main seedbed has been the Miss Mundo Virtual competition where the most beautiful and complete representative of the Spanish speaker community in SL is chosen and also the contest that generates the best Hispanic models in Second Life.

    And once again the time to start the search for our next Miss Mundo Virtual has arrived …

    Miss Mundo Virtual has become the most important pageant of the Spanish speakers in Second Life, the proof have been the dazzling performances of Shena Neox Miss Mundo Virtual 2011, who became second runner up for Miss Virtual World 2012 and in the latest installment of Miss Virtual World, where nine beautiful women filled us with pride: Lua Vendetta, Vanka Machiavelli, Euridice Qork, Yashi Audion, Mila Blauvert, Precise Frimon, Dreamlove Resident, our Miss Mundo Virtaul 2013 Naarnisse Resident and Locuala Madruga, this last beautifil lady reached the second place in the competition, all of them participants of Miss Mundo Virtual.

    Starting on January 10, 2014 we began to receive the photos for the preselection of those young women who will be walking in the first audition to be held on Saturday January 25, 2014 at 01:00 pm SLT

    For all those ladies who wish to participate in the Miss mundo Virtual 2014 this are the requirements:

    . 1 – Login to the website of the event:
    a -. Complete the registration form.
    b -. Upload a photo of your face in JPG format (minimum 512 X 512 – 1024 X 1024 Maximum). No photos with text will be accepted, however, the signature of the photographer is permitted.

    . 2 – Pre candidates will be contacted via notecard.

    . 3 – The official candidates will be selected by a panel of judges during the live auditions.
    The deadline for the reception of the photos for the first casting is:
    February 12, 2014 – 12:00 a.m.

    The date of the first live audition is:
    February 15, 2014 – 10:00 a.m. SLT

    The place where the auditions will be held will be informed by personal Note Card.

    . 4 – If you are selected for the audition will need to dress to impress the judges. we will evaluate posing, performance on the runway, style and overall appearance … so come prepared to dazzle!

    . 5 – The candidate must be Spanish speaking … English skills are an added value, but your first language should be Spanish!

    . 6 – The candidate for Miss Mundo Virtual must not have participated in the MVW or MMV contest or any of their prior remissions.

    . 7 – The Miss Mundo Virtual candidate must have more than six (6) months old in Second Life and have age verified at Linden Labs

    . 8 – The candidate for Miss Mundo Virtual as a nonnegotiable condition should be able to use voice so that she can listen as well as talk since interviews will be by voice.

    9 -.The Candidate for Miss Mundo Virtual must be female, both in RL and SL.

    10 -. The list of candidates will be announced through the Miss Mundo Virtual group, so an invitation to join the group will be sent.

    11 -. Retouching photos with PhotoShop or similar program is allowed, but try to keep them to a minimum in order to really evaluate how you look like in SL, as happens in the live audition.

    12 – Miss Mundo Virtual 2014 finale will be held on May 18, 2014 at 10:00 am SLT and the winner will have the privilege of entering automatically to participate in the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2015 competition, where she will represent her country. Additionally, she will have an interview to The Best of Second Life Magazine and a cash prize of 25,000 L.

    What are you waiting for? Upload your photos and good luck!

    Ponchituti Boucher
    CEO – MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL Organization